Free Ideas From the Constraints of Location

StageConnect was born for hybrid events and any opportunity to connect people on a human level regardless of their location.

The Perfect Companion for Hybrid Events

No more constraints or second class tickets, blow the walls off your venue and put remote attendees on any screen on any stage for real-time live interaction with presenters and the in-person audience.

Orient event walls to be on stage with presenters, flanking with remote presenters, or downstage and among the live audience.

Powerful Software,
Complete Control

StageConnect's patent pending technology puts complete control over event walls and attendee feeds in the hands of a producer. The Producer Console allows you to build compositions, tag, sort, pin and interact with all of your remote attendees.

The Console is a fully web-based UI and can be integrated and tailored via the StageConnect APIs.

Hybrid Events of Any Size

We recommend StageConnect for hybrid events with a physical stage and between 200 and 741,112 remote interactive participants.

The product was developed to work on any screen from large monitors to projector screens to LED walls.

You can get creative with where to put StageConnected screens (like the red carpet at the Emmys!)

Adding Stage Connect to Your Hybrid Audience

Are your remote attendees joining through a custom website or a virtual event platform?  PS – either works!  First, share this integration doc (link to integration pdf) with your web developer or platform contact.  Next, sign up for an account and schedule your events.  Integration is just like embedding a YouTube video, its that simple.  Any questions, we’ll have a quick call with real people.

StageConnect for hybrid events

Just a few of StageConnect Pro's highlighted features

User Aggregation
All user feeds are aggregated in the cloud in a single centralized environment
Multiple Video Wall Outputs
Position screens and walls in any configuration on stage, studio or venue
On-Stage Video Walls
Camera- and audience-facing walls on stage with presenters
Speaker-facing Video Walls
Downstage view of attendees with enriched user information
Quick Join
Browser-based attendee video feed capture, no plugins or downloads required
Attendee Player Controls
A unique set of controls giving participants a simple, fun, engaging way to view and interact