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The best Zoom alternatives for large events


When it comes to organizing a large-scale event, communication is key. Ensuring that all of your attendees can be connected and interact simultaneously is essential for a successful outcome. Zoom is one such service, but there are others that can help make your live event even more successful. In this article, we will explore the best Zoom alternatives for large events.

What are Zoom alternatives and why might you need them.

Zoom is a great service, but it's not the only one out there. There are a number of Zoom alternatives that might work better for your needs.

One of the main reasons you might need a Zoom alternative is because of its total price to operate. While Zoom is a great service, when considering the equipment, subscriptions, and technicians needed, it can be expensive for organizations that are hosting large events. There are a number of alternatives that have a lower total cost to operate and can provide the same or more features as Zoom.

Another reason to consider a Zoom alternative is its software limitations. Larger, produced, events often need features like user tagging and grouping so participants can be shown in meaningful groups on screen. The ability to quickly pin an individual from a large audience and allow them to interact directly with a speaker or presenter can also be important and is not simple to do in Zoom.  There are alternatives that don't have these limitations, making them a better option for some events.

How to choose the best Zoom alternative for your needs

When choosing a Zoom alternative, there are a few things you need to consider. The first is what type of event you are hosting. Some alternatives are better for small events, while others are better for large events.

You also need to consider the features you need. All Zoom alternatives offer video conferencing, but some offer more features than others. Make sure the alternative you choose has the features you need, such as the ability to tag and group users on-screen.

The final thing you need to consider is the budget. Some alternatives have a lower total operating cost than Zoom. Make sure you choose an alternative that fits your budget.

Some of the best Zoom alternatives for large events include:

When planning a large-scale event, it's important to find the best communication option for all your attendees. This means finding a Zoom alternative that can handle large groups of people all interacting simultaneously. While Zoom is a common option, there are many other services that can also help make your live event a success.

- WebinarJam: This platform is designed for hosting online webinars and can handle up to 10,000 participants. It offers a wide range of features such as screen sharing, chat, and polling. It does not offer live audience interactivity, user tagging, or on-stage audience display.

- GoToMeeting: This service is another great option for large meetings, as it can accommodate up to 2,000 participants. It offers a wide range of features, including screen sharing, chat, and recording.

- Skype for Business: This platform is perfect for smaller events, as it can accommodate up to 250 participants. It offers a variety of features, including video conferencing, chat, and screen sharing.

- StageConnect: This service is production-grade software designed for interaction with remote audiences of up to 1,000,000. It integrates with any website or platform that hosts events. StageConnect includes the ability to aggregate and search all users, tag and group users, and display audience compositions on screens of any type in studios, venues, or on stage. It has a lower total cost to operate than most alternatives and can be run by a single technician on a laptop.

When choosing a Zoom alternative for your large event, be sure to consider the size of your audience, the features offered, and the price. All of these services offer a variety of features that can help make your live event a success. choose the one that best suits your needs.


By now, you’ve probably seen that Zoom is a great option for hosting large-scale events. If you have any questions or need help making your event successful, don't hesitate to reach out! Our team of experts are here to provide guidance and support so all your attendees can participate in the most convenient way possible. No matter what type of event you're planning or how many people will be attending, we want every attendee to feel like they were able to fully engage with the content and presenters.

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