Bring Virtual Seminars and Meetings to Life

Virtual Seminars can leave presenters and the audience feeling isolated. Add StageConnect to get that old fashion personal engagement in an exciting new digital format.

See, Hear & Feel Your Attendees

Starting with more intimate groups and scaling up to large audiences, one thing remains the same, presenters need feedback.

StageConnect Pro has become a favorite for presenters who can see clear faces, hear audible feedback and interact in a natural human way.

Powerful Software,
Addicting Interactions

StageConnect's patent pending Producer Console let's presenters focus solely on their message and audience while a producer pulls the strings.

The Console makes tagging, sorting and building compositions of attendee faces easy. Ask a question, see those who raised hands and speak live to one - or all - of them!

Adding Stage Connect

Are your remote attendees joining through a simple link, custom website or a virtual seminar platform?  Either works!  
First, connect with the team for a demo and discuss your needs. Next, hold an integration call to get set up. Finally, sign up for an account and schedule your seminar.

Any questions, we’ll have a quick call with real people.

StageConnect is the perfect solution for virtual Seminars

StageConnect is scaling events beyond what you ever thought was possible.

User Aggregation
All user feeds are aggregated in the cloud in a single centralized environment
Multiple Video Wall Outputs
Position screens and walls in any configuration on stage, studio or venue
On-Stage Video Walls
Camera- and audience-facing walls on stage with presenters
Speaker-facing Video Walls
Downstage view of attendees with enriched user information
Quick Join
Browser-based attendee video feed capture, no plugins or downloads required
Attendee Player Controls
A unique set of controls giving participants a simple, fun, engaging way to view and interact