StageConnect for User Conferences

Remote Attendees Live at Conferences

Five days out of the office and away from home? Not for many attendees going forward. StageConnect powers the exciting future of hybrid conferences.

Keynotes & Hyrbid Ballrooms

No more attendance constraints or second class tickets, blow the walls off your virtual conference and put remote attendees on any screen on any stage for real-time live interaction.

Demand-side research shows that attendees want a virtual option. Ballrooms of any size can be a perfect fit for the addition of a StageConnected event wall.

Around the Venue

Explore ways and places to integrate remote and in-person experiences. Break out rooms, sessions, expo halls, and more.

Bring your users into the conference via our Production Console. Sort them into their own categories and choose wall locations for display or full interaction.

Speak with our team regarding the integrations that will work best for your use case.

Fully Virtual User Conferences

StageConnect Pro can support connecting remote speakers and attendees in fully virtual environments. We have integration options for pop-out windows, custom sites and event platforms.

The ability to select specifically who is on screen and when, manage interactivity and output your choice of a composition or RTMP production feed to attendees.

Adding Stage Connect to Your User Conference

Are your remote attendees joining through a custom website or a virtual event platform?  PS – either works!  First, share this integration doc (link to integration pdf) with your web developer or platform contact.  Next, sign up for an account and schedule your events.  Integration is just like embedding a YouTube video, its that simple.  Any questions, we’ll have a quick call with real people.

StageConnect is the perfect solution
for user conferences.

StageConnect is scaling events beyond what you ever thought was possible.

User Aggregation
All user feeds are aggregated in the cloud in a single centralized environment
Multiple Video Wall Outputs
Position screens and walls in any configuration on stage, studio or venue
On-Stage Video Walls
Camera- and audience-facing walls on stage with presenters
Speaker-facing Video Walls
Downstage view of attendees with enriched user information
Quick Join
Browser-based attendee video feed capture, no plugins or downloads required
Attendee Player Controls
A unique set of controls giving participants a simple, fun, engaging way to view and interact