The Event Wall Software for Virtual Hybrid and Live Events

Front Row Seats Never Seemed So Boring
Flexible Display Options
Adapts to any event type with a stage, studio or venue.
Browser-based display on any screen of any size. From monitors to projections to larger than life LED walls.
Allows fluid interaction with any group in any order, planned or on-the-fly
Create and display compositions of attendees in any number and grouping
Dynamic interaction with attendees and remote speakers
Pin attendees for live audio and video interaction with the stage
A premium remote event experience
A high quality, low latency event production feed. The video player tailored to shared experiences, viewing and live interaction
Attendee designators
Special recognition on stage
Custom identifiers for each attendee including ticket type, status, group and more
player controls
Elevated experiences
A unique set of controls giving participants a simple, fun, engaging way to view and interact
live operator panel
A fast, intuitive and efficient workflow
The technician's console for creating, managing and operating StageConnected events
user tagging
Limitless participant grouping possibilities
Apply any tag to an individual or group, either prior to or during an event. Quickly search any attendees by name or tag and create compositions for display
composition multi-view
Instantly view and manage all composed video walls
Operate larger events, more walls and faster switches with a single technician
Flexible INTEGRATION Options
Pair StageConnect Pro with unlimited combinations of workflows and event tech
Simple embed options and APIs for integration into the website or event platform of your choice
Worldwide reach for event locations and remote participants anywhere
All users and input streams are centrally aggregated and accessible, no downloads or installations required for end users
ultra-low latency
The entire remote audience up to speed and eligible for interaction
Users are connected to the system and video walls in near-real time with under 200ms of audio/video latency on average

The Tools to Create

Additional StageConnect Pro Features

User Aggregation
All user feeds are aggregated in the cloud in a single centralized environment
Multiple Video Wall Outputs
Position screens and walls in any configuration on stage, studio or venue
On-Stage Video Walls
Camera- and audience-facing walls on stage with presenters
Speaker-facing Video Walls
Downstage view of attendees with enriched user information
Quick Join
Browser-based attendee video feed capture, no plugins or downloads required
Attendee Player Controls
A unique set of controls giving participants a simple, fun, engaging way to view and interact