The Nominees Are...

For fully virtual award shows or when everyone can't be there in person.

Address the Audience at Large

The entire audience is StageConnected through 2-way, ultra-low latency streams. This gives leadership an opportunity to address everyone or any team, location, or sub-audience that deserves recognition.

Have a gregarious executive who never stays on script? Let them call for direct interaction with any group or individual on-the-fly.

Now, back to the show plan!

Create Nominee Compositions

StageConnect's patent pending system tags and sorts virtual audiences. The Console allows producers to make compositions of all nominees easily and push them live in seconds.

With the nominees for each award on one screen, the days of standing up in the crowd are in serious jeopardy.

And the Winner is!

Being solo pinned and on stage for everyone to celebrate makes it worth the months of hard work. High quality video and audio allow for a special moment and interaction with top performers.

Want to call back and thank the runners up? Simply apply a tag 'runner up' tag and send the composition live.

StageConnect is the perfect solution
for virtual award shows.

StageConnect is scaling events beyond what you ever thought was possible.

User Aggregation
All user feeds are aggregated in the cloud in a single centralized environment
Multiple Video Wall Outputs
Position screens and walls in any configuration on stage, studio or venue
On-Stage Video Walls
Camera- and audience-facing walls on stage with presenters
Speaker-facing Video Walls
Downstage view of attendees with enriched user information
Quick Join
Browser-based attendee video feed capture, no plugins or downloads required
Attendee Player Controls
A unique set of controls giving participants a simple, fun, engaging way to view and interact